It was a very complete and professional training.”

We are now very well-trained and educated on how to set up our own childcare business…a business of high quality and a safe environment where children can develop physically and mentally.

“I was always afraid to start my own business because I didn’t know where to start. This program helped me fulfill my dream. I received so much support and encouragement that I have passed that on to my family and now they are also very excited to work together with me to meet this goal.

Southwestern College was awarded a multiple grants from Housing and Urban Development (HUD)’s Office of University Partnerships which supports community projects dedicated to serving low income residents. The first grant established the SWC Family Resource Center located at the Higher Education Center in National City. 

This project is the Microenterprise Family Childcare Program which gives Spanish-speaking participants the opportunity to receive coursework and training to establish a licensed childcare business in their own home. 

SWC collaborates with several key community partners to provide comprehensive services at no cost to participants. 

Program benefits include:

  • Individual Business Counseling,
  • Visit to local home-based childcare businesses
  • Childcare Licensing Orientation offered onsite
  • CPR and First Aid training
  • Childcare support
  • Small Business Loan opportunity, etc.

The proposed outcome is to increase the economic self-sufficiency of participants.  The program is based at Southwestern College main and managed concurrently with the Child Development Center.

Interested applicants should call (619) 216-6695 ext 5908 for more information.

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