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Courses in the Reading Department prepare students to handle the demanding volume and rigor of college-level texts through the introduction and strengthening of reading skills and strategies.

Our lower-level classes focus on the foundations of literacy, like reading comprehension and vocabulary, up to critical thinking and analysis in our RDG 158 class, College Reading, which fulfills the campus Reading Proficiency Requirement, serves as prerequisite for many classes, and satisfies the A.A./A.S degree requirement for analytical thinking.

In addition, the department offers Learning Skills 116, which introduces students to strategies for creating academic and personal success that helps them improves their academic skills.

For more information, contact, Susan Brenner, department chair at 619-421-6700, ext. 5795.

Susan Brenner

Susan Brenner
Reading Program Chair
Office: 420O (619) 421-6700 ext. 5795

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