Southwestern College


Computer Literacy Courses

CL 115.Microcomputer Programming Using BASIC - 3 units

Lecture 2 hours, laboratory 3 hours

Designed for students who wish to learn programming for use in college,at home,or on the job.Students will learn the fundamentals of what a computer can do and how to write their own programs in BASIC.

CL 120.Computer Literacy - 1 unit

Lecture 1 hour,laboratory .5 hour
Introduction to microcomputers:uses and types of computers, overview of the computer system, input and output devices, the central processing unit, primary and secondary storage, software languages and programming. Hands-on experience with a microcomputer operating system, spreadsheet, word processing, and Internet software.(Not open to students with credit in CL 115 or CIS 101 or MATH 130 with a grade of ‘C ’or better.)

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