The Southwestern College website can help you get started and access the services you need.  Planning ahead will save you time.  Useful menus on the college's homepage are Admissions and Student Services.  If you are a first time student visit Guide to Southwestern College on the website.

New and Returning Students 

  • As soon as you plan to attend Southwestern College:  apply online, take your Assessment Test on campus, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online, and apply for the Board of Governor's Fee Waiver (BOGFW) online.  Note: The system drops non-paid classes, it is recommended that you apply for the BOGFW at least a week before you register.
  • Your ETA/ECM must fax a referral form to our office or you may bring the referral form with you to your appointment. 
  • Make an appointment with a CalWORKs counselor. The sooner you meet with a CalWORKs counselor, the faster your ETA/ECM can approve your supportive services, such as books, child care, and transportation. 

Continuing Students

  • Continuing CalWORKs students at Southwestern College receive priority registration for the following semester.  Take advantage of priority registration, enroll in classes on your registration date and time, and make your CalWORKs counseling appointment.
  • Each month, attach your current WebAdvisor class schedule to your 116 HHSA Form (Monthly Attendance Verification Form) and turn it in to your ETA/ECM.  It is due no latter than the 5th of each month.  WebAdvisor is located at the top of the Southwestern College homepage.

Reminders for All Students  

  • Make an appointment with a CalWORKs counselor for assistance with selecting classes and/or educational planning and to complete required WTW forms.  Counseling appointments fill up quickly.
  • Re-apply for the BOGFW online prior to each summer session.  Every year students are dropped from their classes for non-payment, and it is difficult to re-enroll due to the course waitlist system.
  • Apply or renew your FAFSA every year. The priority deadline is March 2. 
  • Comply with all parking regulations. A valid parking permit is required at all times while classes are in session.  Campus Police cites any improper parking (area not designated, staff parking, meter parking and misuse of handicap parking).

Detailed and updated information is provided during your CalWORKs counseling appointment.  Please call us at 619-482-6510 for an appointment or for more information.   We look forward to serving you.


Last updated: 8/7/2013 5:10:50 PM