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The Honors Program seeks to provide students who are both academically talented and highly motivated. The Honors Program is compatible with all academic majors. Successful participation in the Honors Program gives highly qualified students the ability to become skilled in their specific disciplines and the personal satisfaction of having met and accomplished the most innovative and challenging program available at Southwestern College.  You can join the Honors Program by enrolling in one or more courses designated with an honors section and completing an Honors Contract.. Course offerings vary by semester. For more information, contact Myriam Moody, Honors Coordinator, at or Nicholas Nguyen, Honors Counselor, at

Course Section# Instructor
Anthropology 101 7,9,11 M. Jelaca–Tavakoli  
Anthropology 102 1,3,5 M. Jelaca–Tavakoli  
English 115 12 C. Dolce
English 115 19, 44 H. Eudy
English 116 3, 15 R. St. Louis
English 116 25 C. Dolce
History 100 680 N. Pass
History 122 1 N. Pass
Italian 102 1,3 C. Calandra
Math 244 1 M. Moody            
Math 244 5 S. Nadalet
Math 250 1,5 K. Cliffe           
Math 250 7 M. Carey
Math 251 2 K. Cliffe
Political Science 101 3 A. Aguilar
Political Science 103 1 A. Aguilar
Political Science 104 1 A. Aguilar
Psychology 101 29 C. Hayashi
Psychology 106 4, 501, 502, 503 D. McAneney
Psychology 230 3, 501, 502 D. McAneney
Psychology 260 501, 502 C. Hayashi
Psychology/Sociology 270 60 C. Hayashi
Spanish 102 5 D. Guadiana-Costa
Spanish 221 1 D. Guadiana-Costa


  • Enhanced admission opportunities to the most selective transfer institutions
  • Increased scholarship opportunities
  • Special recognition on transcript
  • Intellectual growth and exploration of new ideas and concepts
  • Increased learning opportunities through research, study and independent projects
  • One-on-one mentoring from faculty members in the field of interest
  • Networking opportunities with faculty and students at Southwestern College (SWC), 4-year institutions and graduate schools
  • Career and employment networking opportunities

Admission Requirements

  1. Entering freshman – Have an overall minimum GPA of 3.5 in all high school work.
    Continuing student - Have completed a minimum of 12 units of college-level courses with a GPA of 3.2 in all college work, and be eligible for English 115.
  2. Provide copies of transcripts of previous academic work to the Honors Counselor. Unofficial copies will be accepted. Entering freshman should submit high school transcript; continuing students with coursework outside SWC should submit college transcript.
  3. Must be eligible for English 115 and proficient in college-level reading.
Interested students may register for an Honors course during the registration period and complete an Honors contract (once eligibility has been met) during the first four weeks of class. Each Honors course taken and accepted by the Honors Committee is recorded as such on the transcript.

Program Completion Requirements

  1. Complete a minimum of 15 units or more in Honors courses.
  2. Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.2 in all Honors courses and a minimum overall GPA of 3.2
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