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Degree Description

Designed to train students in the skills needed in the nursery industry. Students who successfully complete the degree are eligible for positions such as plant propagator, greenhouse manager, nursery manager, nursery sales assistant, indoor plant specialist. Positions may be found retail nurseries, greenhouse growers, field growers, floral shops, and indoor plant care specialists. Students who have completed this degree have proven they can identify, propagate, grow, care for, and sell plants for the horticultural trades.

Degree Course Requirements:

 Course #  Course Title  Units
LNT 100 Plant and Horticultural Science  4
LNT 105,109,113,119* Plant Identification*  6*
LNT 124  Landscape Construction  3
LNT 134 Soils  3
LNT 136 Plant Pest and Disease Control  3
LNT 143  Floriculture and Nursery Operations:
Tree and Shrub Production 
LNT 146 Plant Propagation  1.5
BIOL 100, 101 Principles of Biology and Lab  4
PD 290-293 Occupational Cooperative Education I-IV  4
Electives Students must choose from any electives
below to earn at least 7 additional units.
LNT 70 Principles of Pruning Fruit Trees and Vines 1
LNT 75  Pond Design, Installation, and Care 
LNT 128  Sprinkler Design 
LNT 138  Floral Design 1 
LNT 148 Horticultural Business Practices 3
   Total Units 36.5

* Students may choose any of the Plant Identification courses listed above to total at least 6 units.

A Certificate is granted upon completion of the courses listed above. Students must complete additional required General Education courses to earn their Degree. See your Southwestern College counselor to help you plan your desired program.

 This page was revised on October 22, 2015. The courses shown above reflect the degree and certificate requirements for the 2016-17 college catalog.

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