Improving Your Professional SkillsTo stand out from other job seekers requires strong resume and interviewing skills as well as previous work or internship experience in the field.  Below are resources that can help you get the edge: This website provides information on how to write a resume and cover letter which is specialized for your particular career.

Perfect Interview/Job Seekers Toolkit™ SWC Need help with your interview skills? The Perfect Interview/Job Seekers Toolkit™ program is an exciting online tool that you can use to practice and develop your interviewing skills, create resumes that get results, research careers, and manage your job search. For a more in-depth review of this program watch an online orientation to the program benefits here or download the guide.

Resume Handbook This booklet is designed to help you with every step in developing a professional looking resume. Steps for getting started in developing your resume along with key words and sample resumes are provided.

Career Café A Virtual Career Center for California Community College Students. The site contains insights and tools to help you identify your career direction.

Student Employment Services  Go to this website for Internship and Employment opportunties as well as resume/interview assistance. 

JobScout Need help using the internet to search for a job? This program is a FREE, ONLINE learning platform that will teach you the basic Internet skills you need to find a job 


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