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Questions and Answers What is CTE Transitions? CTE Transitions, formerly known as Tech Prep, allows you to earn college credit by taking articulated courses in High School, ROP and Adult School. The courses are taught at the high school, ROP and Adult School, but are considered part of a college degree or certificate program which aligns with a program of study.
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What is an Articulation?Articulation is a planned process that links two or more educational institutions together to facilitate a smooth transition for students to move from one course, program, or educational level to the next, while minimizing or eliminating course repetition. In the CTE Transitions program, articulation plays an integral role in this transition for students in high schools and ROP programs. It provides students with an opportunity to earn credit for high school/ROP courses that are deemed equivalent to those at a community college.

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Where are courses commonly articulated? Articulated classes are courses which have been approved to earn college credit. Southwestern College provides articulated courses through the following:

Sweetwater Union District and Coronado Union District

  • High Schools
  • Regional Occupational Programs (ROP)
  • Adult Schools

You may check out locations link for more information.

Questions and Answers How is the CTE Transitions program different? CTE Transitions programs are college-preparatory, designed to prepare students to continue in a related program of study at a two-year college. Tech Prep high school courses articulated with Southwestern College prepares a student to continue in many relates post-secondary Tech Prep associate of applied science degree programs.


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Which classes at my school are CTE Transitions classes? Please take a look at our Articulation List to see the courses that you may take to earn Southwestern College credit.

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How many CTE Transitions college units can I earn? The maximum units you may earn with CTE Transitions is 15.


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Can I transfer to a four-year college after completing a two-year college degree? Absolutely! Each College CTE Transitions articulation agreement specifies four-year colleges that have transfer arrangements with the two-year college degree program.


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What If I Decide To Not Go To Southwestern College? Your CTE Transitions credit may be transferable.



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Where can I get a CTE Transitions Certificate? If you are eligible to receive college credit for the course taken your instructor will provide the certificate for you. If you did not receive a certificate and think that the course you took it articulated please check out our articulation list or contact us for more information.


Questions and Answers What are the benefits of taking CTE Transitons courses? Tech prep not only benefits students:
  • If you are in High School it gives you a head start in a two year associate degree or apprenticeship program
  • Baccalaureate study basis
  • The ability to apply technical skills for immediate entry-level employment after high school while attending high school
  • CTE Transitions courses are little not no cost: See CTE Advantages Link


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How long do I have to receive CTE Transitions Credit? The course must be completed and a CTE Transitions Certificate must be submitted within two years.

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How can I earn CTE Transitions credit?

  • Enroll in a CTE course, pass the course with a B or higher
  • Complete a Southwestern College Application
  • Turn in your CTE Transitions Certificate to our office
  • Wait 3-4 weeks and view your transcript

The steps are simple and free! Click here to view the 3 STEPS

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When do I receive a college transcript? How do I get an official copy? Click here to go to the SWC Admissions page and receive a transcript.
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What is the difference between an “official” and an “unofficial” transcript? An official transcript comes in a sealed envelope and is what you will send to the college that you decide to attend. Once the seal is broken, it becomes an unofficial transcript. An unofficial transcript is a copy of your transcript that you can keep for your own records.
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What do I do when I am ready to enroll as a college student? If you are planning to attend the college that has awarded you CTE Transitions credit, you’re credit will already be available for use at that college. Click here to view the 3 STEPS that will lead you to a Southwestern College application.
If you are planning to transfer your credits to a different college or university you will need to request an official copy of your transcript(s) from the college(s) awarding you the credit to be sent to the institution you are enrolled in.
Questions and Answers Will College CTE Transitions help me find a job? College CTE Transitions students are often able to access career-related jobs because of their technical training. These positions offer better than average wages for high school graduates.
Questions and Answers What if I complete the College CTE Transitions program in high school and decide I want to study something different in college? It is better to find out in high school rather than college. Again, College CTE Transitions expands rather than limits options. You are taking college prep academics that will enable you to transition to a college program. The technology classes give you a chance to test out a career interest. If it’s a good match, you have a head start.



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