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1: CTE courses are offered in selected Sweetwater District locations: High Schools, Regional Occupation Programs (ROP), and Adult Schools. Please look at our current course Articulation List.

To find out if your school offers Southwestern College CTE courses please look at our current or previous articulation list, ask your counselor, or contact the CTE Transitions office.

2: Once you have completed a CTE Transitions course with a grade of B or higher, have your instructor fill out the front portion of the CTE Transitions Certificate(s) (shown below).

3: Receive a CTE Transitions certificate.

Your instructor should provide you with this certificate or certificates. DO NOT PRINT OUT OR COPY original certificate, it will not be valid!

Find out How to Fill Out a CTE Transitions Certificate in Step 2!

Important Information about CTE Transitions Certificate(s):

  • CTE Certificate(s) must be completely filled out both front and reverse sides. Please pay close attention to How to fill out CTE Transitions Certificate.
  • The CTE certificate will only be valid and you may receive credit if you turn in your certificate(s) within two years of taking the course(s). Colleges are constantly updating course and your course may no longer exist after two years. The earlier your turn in your certificate(s) the better!
  • Maximum amount of CTE credits that may transferred to Southwestern College is 15!
  • Do not give your certificate to your instructor or have someone else turn in your certificate. It is necessary that you are present! There are required steps and information only you (the student) need to complete. In any case verify that your certificate is completely processed.

Notes to Instructors:

Please contact us:

  • If your course is not found in your school and would like to know how to articulate your course
  • If you need CTE Transitions Certificate (your school CTE advisor may provide you with them)
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