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Checklist before STEP 3:

 checkmark I have enrolled and in a CTE Transitions course  
 checkmark I have checked the Articulation list to make sure the CTE course I am or have taken is valid and can be transferred as a Southwestern College credit
 checkmark I have completed the CTE course with a B or higher
 checkmark The instructor and I have completed the from and reverse side portion of the CTE Transitions Certificate(s)
checkmark  My CTE Transitions certificate(s) is completed and will be turned in to the CTE office within 2 years of CTE course completion!
 checkmark I have applied and received (or will receive within 48 hours) a Southwestern College student identification number (ID)

If you have not completed all these steps please go back to STEP 1.
If you have please continue reading below.

Now that you have completed Step 1 and Step 2 you are ready to turn in your CTE Transitions Certificate(s) and receive Southwestern College credit!


img7_CTE img8_CTE

1: Your SWC CTE Transitions Certificate(s) MUST BE turned in to the CTE Office located at Southwestern College Chula Vista CampusLocations. Locations

2: It will take approximately 3-4 weeks for CTE office to process and transfer your certificates as SWC college credit on your SWC Transcript. You will receive an email or phone call to confirm that the process is complete or if there is a step you have missed.

Please check your email daily for any updates on your CTE Transitions Certificate(s).

3: You have received CTE Transitions Credit!

To request a transcript – CLICK HERE

You are now on your way to starting your college education.

 If you have any questions, please contact the CTE office


Thank you for completing the Steps to Get your CTE Credit! We hope that your experience was a good one and that we were helpful to you through the process. See other articulated courses and continue the success to your education with CTE courses available to you!
Find out the Advantages of CTE Transition Courses!

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