The Vocational Nursing program is three (3) semesters long. We accept 30 students every 18 months. Students may apply after completing all of the prerequisites courses listed below in addition to other program requirements. The cost of the Vocational Nursing Program is currently estimated to be approximately eighteen hundred dollars ($1,800). The greatest direct expense is at the beginning of the first semester. Textbooks, enrollment fees and uniforms are the major cost items. Livings expenses, general education textbooks and cost of transportation to class and the clinical facilities are not included in the estimate and are additional major expenses. Expenses increase in the third semester related to the State Board licensure application and graduation. 

 Spring 2017 application period: June 1, 2016 at 9:00am - September 30, 2016 at 11:00am


Class Course # Units Prerequisites
Human Anatomy/
BIO 190
*BIO 260 & 261
4 w/ lab
4 w/ lab
For Bio 190: None
For Bio 260: Bio 100 & 101 or equivalent
For Bio 261: Chem 100 or Chem 170, or equivalent; Bio 260 or equivalent
Principles of Child Dev. CD 170 3 None
Fundamentals of Nutrition HLTH 204
3 None
 Elementary Algebra MATH 45  Math 35 or equivalent 
Reading & Comprehension for Nursing & Allied Health   ADN 140 English 114; Reading 158; or equivalent 
Certified Nursing Assistant License CNA 8.5 None

*BIO 260 & 261 courses must be taken if applying to the LVN-RN Step Up Program in the future.

TEAS Version 5: Passing score 58 CPR Certification
If accepted into program,
attend mandatory orientation
HS Diploma/GED or HS equivalency 
** from a U.S. accredited school
Must attend first day of class Physical health exam form with
all immunizations completed 
 Background check and drug screening (complete after mandatory orientation)







Official transcripts of courses from other colleges must be mailed directly to the SWC Admissions Department. Transfer credit shall be given for related previous education completed within the last five years, and will be considered on a case by case basis (Vocational Nursing Practice Act, Article 5, Section 2535).

Students who have limited English speaking ability may find course work too difficult since there are objectives related to communication. Students who believe this may cause a problem for them should request a counselor or a nursing faculty member to evaluate their ability to speak, read and comprehend spoken English prior to beginning the program.

A student may be ineligible for entry into the program due to:

  1. Academic probation. (See current College catalog for criteria for academic probation).
  2. Previous dismissal from a nursing program for cause.
Previous unsatisfactory performance in the Southwestern College vocational nursing program. (Nursing courses may be repeated no more than once with a maximum of one re-entry during the program.)

The Board of Vocational Nurses may refuse licensure to individuals who have been convicted of crimes and/or certain misdemeanors. If you have concerns about this you may write the Board directly at this address: 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 205, Sacramento, CA 95833 or discuss it with the Director of the nursing programs.
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