We are a group of citizens, inspired by the Family Childcare Program at the National City Campus of Southwestern College.

We have come together to help ensure that this program will continue to help wonderful women like these become valuable contributors to society:

Sixty women graduate every year from this program with strong self esteem and an exciting new future.

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Here is a description written by one of our "Friends" to explain why we have come together:

"The Southwestern College Microenterprise Family Care Program is a free, 14 week course taught at Southwestern College, with sub-courses in finance, entrepreneurship, safety, CPR, fair housing, toy making, business plans, and so on.

They have guest speakers and make site visits to day cares around the city.

Students graduate with a business plan in hand, as licensed home-based Child Care providers, with a certificate from Southwestern College (in other words, from a COLLEGE!) Thirteen cycles have successfully graduated, with 30 students per cycle and a retention rate of 96%!!

The program was funded by HUD. However, Congress was unable to fund the office administering the community grants, so we are now "taking the show on the road" and introducing the program to get some other folks interested.

It is truly life changing for the graduates of the program — residents of our community — most of whom go on to open successful home-based daycare centers and become self-employed businesswomen, many earning money for the first time in their lives. The graduates have established day care programs all over the county, from San Ysidro to El Cajon to Oceanside and in-between.

After witnessing the classroom training, meeting the students, and seeing the transformation, I can only say I wish this quality of daycare had been available for my kids when I was working.

As my mom said, "Any psychiatrist who has had a success rate of over 90% would be famous!" This is a program with gigantic personal and community impact (the childcare providers, their families, the children they care for, the parents they help to be able to work, the community they support by providing role models, the local community by running their business there, etc…) and worth saving. "

If you want to get involved with our "ad hoc" group of interested fundraisers or would like to donate to this wonderful program, please contact Blossom Sanger.

The cost of the program is about $100,000 per session — or $3,500.00 per student. Checks may be made out to Southwestern College Foundation and indicated for MEFC

Mail to: Blossom Sanger 515 1st Street, Coronado CA 92118

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