Southwestern College

Situated under an Atlas Blue Cedar tree and framed by an angular wooden deck, the gardens waterfall, stream, and pond demonstrate a typical water feature that fits into most San Diego home landscapes.  Water plants and fish keep the pond clean with very little maintenance required.  Our fish are not fed, they live on algae and other organisms that grow in the pond.

Yes, ponds do require energy to run the pump and water to replace that lost by evaporation and transpiration.  However, ponds in urban environments do provide some valuable "green" benefits:

  • Providing a location to invite wildlife and insects into your garden
  • Pleasant sounding and pleasant looking, they provide an escape from our urban stresses
  • Provide moisture and humidity in an otherwise dry environment
  • Allow for the fun gardening of water plants and raising of fish and turtles
Last updated: 3/3/2013 6:27:10 PM