Computer-Aided Design and Drafting Classes at Southwestern College

CAD 220: Introduction to CAD/CAM Systems (Computer Assisted Design)

This class introduces the student to the field of Computer Assisted Design and Drafting. This class provides the student with an overview of how CAD is used in a variety of disciplines and its roll in engineering disciplines and product production. (3 units)

CAD Software used: AutoCAD
Optional software: Some sections may additionally use VCarve Pro.

CAD 222: CAD Mechanical Design I (3-Dimensional Solid Modeling) 

This class is designed as a continuation of CAD 220. Emphasis is on the use of 3-dimensional solid modeling software to create mechanical designs. (3 units)

CAD Software used: Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks
Optional software: Some sections may additionally use HSM CAM.

CAD 223: CAD Detailing and Dimensioning

This class focuses on advanced dimensioning application, tolerancing and view development for mechanical parts and assemblies. Class content: View development, mechanical dimensioning styles, hole and thread recognition and callout and ANSI Y14.5 standard. (3 units)

CAD 224: CAD Mechanical Design II

This class provides the student an opportunity to apply skills developed in previous CAD courses. Focus will be on development of mechanical parts and assemblies in preparation for integration with Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) (2.5 units)

CAD 230: Introduction to SolidWorks

Introduces students to solid modeling using SolidWorks software. Provides strategies in the construction and analysis of solid parts, drawings and assemblies. (2.5 units)

CAD Software used: SolidWorks
Optional software: Some sections may additionally use HSMWorks.

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