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 A full Cycle of SLO Assessment has two parts:

  1. Every outcome written by a discipline, program, or unit has been through the assessment process.
  2. Every outcome has gone through the following steps:
    • Writing or revising outcomes
    • Communicating outcomes (including providing instruction and/or services)
    • Measuring outcomes and collecting SLO results
    • Storing SLO results
    • Meeting to discuss and analyze SLO results
    • Creating a plan or plans for improvement from analysis of SLO results
    • Implementing new plan(s) and collecting more data (which restarts the cycle)
SLO process

At this point in the SLO assessment process at Southwestern College, the SLO Committee (renamed the SOAR Committee in Spring 2014) recommends the following for the end of Spring 2016.
  • All courses should have at least 2-4 Course-Level Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs)
  • All degree and certificate programs should have 3-4 Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs)
  • All administrative units should have at least 3-4 Administrative Unit Outcomes (AUOs) or Student Affairs Outcomes (SAOs)
  • All SLOs should be fully assessed by the time each discipline or unit completes a Comprehensive Program Review
Currently, all instructional discipline and unit SLO assessment results are stored in eLumen. Please note that administrative units do not place their SLO assessment results into eLumen. They store results in their main unit offices, report them in Program Review, and store Program Review Snapshot "Outcomes, Evidence, and Data Sheet" pages in SharePoint.

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