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image of two arrows curved to make a circleSLO cycles for disciplines and units align with their Comprehensive Program Review cycles. 

  • The Academic Comprehensive Program Review cycle is every 3 years.
  • The Administrative Unit Comprehensive Program Review cycle is every 6 years.

Assessment of SLOs can be spread out between Comprehensive Program Review Cycles.  For instance, if a discipline has 90 different SLOs to assess, the area may choose to measure the first 30 in year one, the second 30 in year two, and the final 30 in year three. 

Just because a discipline or unit has multiple years to fully assess each of its SLO at least once, does not mean the area should only assess each SLO once.  For example, a unit on campus that has only 3 to 4 AUOs or SAOs, it may choose to measure all their outcomes every year. 

At SWC an SLO cycle planning document (Outcomes Assessment Timeline) is updated and submitted annually with the the Program Review Snapshot.  Once received, timelines are posted in SharePoint, under "Departments" in the category titled, "Student Learning Outcomes."  Each area on campus can access SharePoint at anytime to retrieve an editable copy of their timeline.

When planning a full assessment cycle of all SLOs, please keep the following information in mind:

According to Southwestern College’s Policy 4350 and Procedure 4350, there are three guidelines to follow when designing outcomes assessment work plans.
  1. Disciplines, student service areas and administrative units should participate in the assessment process every year.
  2. Every year disciplines, student service areas and administrative units should update their outcome assessment work plan (Outcomes Assessment Timeline) and submit it with their Program Review Snapshot.
  3. A full cycle of SLO assessment progress is reported in detail in the Comprehensive Program Review.

Last updated: 5/1/2014 8:56:27 AM