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Image of Student Affairs Building at SWCAdministrative Unit Outcomes (AUOs) and Student Affairs Outcomes (SAOs) are both types of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).  At SWC we have chosen to add special labels to these types of SLOs in order to distinguish them from instructional SLOs. 

The assessment of AUOs and SAOs is the process of systematically evaluating student and administrative services in order to make decisions that improve the learning environment created by Southwestern College. 

AUOs and SAOs are statements describing what a non-instructional unit intends to accomplish or achieve in support of student learning.  On some campuses, people simply refer to AUOs as goals.  AUOs are goals – they are goals that are linked specifically to student learning, student success, and completion.  All AUOs and SAOs should support student achievement of our ISLOs. 

There are several purposes for assessing AUOs and SAOs:
  • To provide feedback for improvement of a unit to benefit student learning
  • To inform decision makers of the contributions and influence of a unit to the development and growth of students
  • To prove what a unit is accomplishing
  • To support decision-making on campus (i.e., program review, strategic planning, and budget decisions)
In the collection of AUO or SAO data it is imperative that student privacy is respected.  When collecting, analyzing, then reporting data, use aggregate data (a collection of scores), and avoid the tracking of individual students.
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