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The availability of Student Learning Outcome (SLO) results is determined by type of SLO, context in which SLO is assessed, and/or accreditation requirements.

Course-level SLO (CSLO) assessment results are available for viewing by all faculty who teach a given course.  However, only the instructor of record can view assessment results at the course section-level.  Course-level results contain the aggregated scores of all sections of a given course.  Faculty can view all course-level results by contacting the SLO Liaison/eLumen-Coordinator in their discipline.

Program-level SLO (PSLO) assessment results can be viewed in eLumen by faculty.  The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) requires that PSLO program, degree, and certificate results be available for student viewing.  SWC is working on publishing PSLO results publicly on our main SWC website.

General Education SLO (GESLO) assessment results are currently available for viewing in eLumen.  To view GESLO results, SWC employees can contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. 

Institutional-Level SLO (ISLO) assessment results are available for viewing on our main SWC website under the Office of Institutional Effectiveness in the Data Resources section.

Administrative Unit Outcome (AUO) and Student Affairs Outcome (SAOs) assessment results are available for viewing in SharePoint, under Departments, on the Student Learning Outcomes page.

All SLO results are reported in Program Review, used for institution-wide decision-making, and consulted when determining allocations of human, technology, physical, and financial resources.

Last updated: 5/1/2014 8:56:29 AM