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"Making Assessment Meaningful" Worksheet for Faculty

"Making Assessment Meaningful for Faculty and Staff"

This form is the same as the one above, only altered to work for both academic and administrative offices. 

A series of instructional presentations, handouts and videos regarding SLO assessment and accreditation are available on this page.

PowerPoint Presentations

SLO Basics: The Role of Faculty

SLO Basics: Working with Administrative Unit Outcomes (AUOs)

Working with CSLOs and PSLOs

Distribution, Running Reports, and Mapping SLOs

Working with Action Plans

Creating Assessments and Rubrics (pending)

Written Directions with Images:

For Faculty

How to Log into eLumen and Enter Scores Into a Course Without Assessment Distribution

How to Log into eLumen and Enter Scores Into a Course WITH Assessment Distribution

For Program Coordinators
How To Run Reports in eLumen (Click here for a list of available reports)

How To Distribute SLO Assessments and Action Plans to Faculty

How to Review PSLO Data in eLumen's Dashboard

How To Create an Action Plan (Pending)

eLumen Webinar Series:

Click here for instructions to view archived eLumen and SLO webinars at

Available Archived Webinars

  • eLumen Basics for Faculty
  • eLumen for Faculty Program Coordinators: Distribution, Running Reports, and Mapping SLOs
  • eLumen for Faculty Program Coordinators: Working with CLSOs and PSLOs 


  Videos  Description and Related Documents
 eLumen Videos

eLumen: Sustaining Continuous Quality Improvement
Webinar narrated by David Shupe of eLumen

This webinar explains the evolution of SLO assessment and its use in program review. 


This video is 40 minutes in length: 25 minutes of lecture and 15 minutes responding to questions and offering answers.

 Area Specific Videos

College Spaces: A Very Brief History

A brief description on the evolution of the spaces and places used for college-level study from the days of Ancient Greece to the present.

Statements at end of video

Questions from Campus Climate Survey

This video is 11 minutes in length. 4:30 minutes of lecture and 6:30 minutes of community statements.






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