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There are many productive things to do while waiting to enter the dental hygiene program.  One of the most important things to do is to complete all required general education courses and be prepared for graduation.  Schedule a counseling appointment to review your Student Education Plan (SEP).

A second item to complete is getting all your finances in order.  Be sure to complete a FAFSA if you seek financial aid.  Students must prepare for about $7000 needed in the first semester of the program.  Ensure you have planned accordingly.

The opportunities below will help to develop additional skills that may be needed as a dental hygiene student and a career in oral health care:

1. Complete all general education courses required to graduate with and AS degree.

2. Get some dental office experience through volunteering, employment, or observation to be sure    dental hygiene is the right career for you!

3.  Keep your sciences and dental hygiene prerequisites current.  Audit a course, if possible, here at Southwestern College.

4.  Increase your writing skills.  the dental hygiene program advocates review of scientific research and the ability to write using APA format versus MLA.  Take a research writing course or higher level of English Composition.

5. Take a statistics course.  Much information in the program and in the dental field reports and uses a lot of basic statistics.  There are clinical research reports where the practitioner must understand what the statistics indicate as it relates to patient care.  A basic understanding of statistics is advantageous.

6. Increase study skills.  Southwestern college offers student success courses that can increase your ability to handle a full load of college courses plus the homework assignments.  Take advantage of the student resources offered.



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