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The place for storing SLO assessment results depends on the type of area in which results are generated:  Non-Instructional and Instructional.

Non-instructional: Administrative units are store AUO and SAO assessment results within their main unit offices and in SharePoint (under "Departments" then "Student Learning Outcomes"). 

Instructional: Academic programs store all SLO data into eLumen.

Why must data be input into eLumen?  There are several reasons:
  1. eLumen is our main tool for curriculum mapping, a process that links each of our CSLOs, PSLOs, GESLOs, and ISLOs together.  This mapping offers a picture into how well our students are achieving our stated SLOs across academic areas.
  2. eLumen produces detailed reports used in our accreditation reports
  3. eLumen offers electronic storage space for course- and program-level plans of improvement
  4. eLumen stores the SLO history of our academic programs
Instructional area members are encouraged to attend eLumen workshops offered through Staff Development. Please check the Staff Development calendar for upcoming workshops.
Last updated: 5/1/2014 8:56:20 AM