Southwestern College


Currently, SWC dental hygiene graduates are highly successful in passing the National Board Dental Hygiene examination as well as clinical board exams. Results of the past few years are included in the PDF link.

CHARTS on Board Exam Pass Rates



In the final semester of the two-year program, all students are required to apply and take the national board exam.  Passing this exam is required to apply for a state license to practice.  The link below will take you the the testing website for more information.

Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations



After graduation and passing the National Board exam, graduates may apply for either the the Western Regional Clinical examination or another regional board exam, or the California State Board exam.  The following links will provide more information on testing and licensing.

Dental Hygiene Committee of California

Western Regional Examination Board

Central Regional Dental Testing Services


NOTICE: Graduates applying for the California State Board Examination and a California license to practice dental hygiene are required to report any criminal offenses/convictions at the time of application.  Eligibility to take the state board examination is determine by the Dental Hygiene Committee of California (DHCC).  Licensing may delayed as result of the decision by DHCC.

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