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Treatment records, x-rays/images, photographs, models, and other materials relating to treatment in the Clinic are the property of the Clinic.  You have the right to inspect these materials and request copies of your x-rays/images and/or treatment record and periodontal record (this does not include program student worksheets). 

NOTE:  only x-rays/images of diagnostic quality will be released from the program.  Unreleased x-rays/images may require retaking by your dental office.

In addition, dental/medical records may be used for instructional and research purposes.  The Clinic follows all HIPAA federal regulations.  Information on how health records may be used is found in the SWC HIPAA patient brochure.

 *Inactive records are archived after 2 years.  Two weeks notice to the dental clinic manager is required in order to obtain copies of archived records.  Because this is an education program, records are destroyed after 3 years, except for patient x-rays/images.

X-RAYS/ Digital Images

Dental x-rays/images are taken as necessary and as appropriate for assessment, examination, diagnosis, consultation, and treatment planning.  In certain cases, patient treatment may be refused if current x-rays/images are not available or the patient refuses x-rays/images.  Copies or originals of x-rays/images from your current dentist may be used as determined by the supervising dentist.  Patients are entitled to take a copy of x-rays/images to their dentist of record. (See Dental Records) 


As a teaching facility, intraoral photos may be taken by students as a course requirement, or for use as a teaching aid.  Patients are informed that photos are used for education purposes only.  Patient names are not used or included on the photo, and no other form of patient identification is used.

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