Southwestern College

 Blood-Borne Pathogen NOTICE

All students entering the dental hygiene program are informed that as a dental hygiene student you will be exposed to body fluids such as saliva and blood.  Exposures may come from coughing, aerosols, splatter, soiled instruments/materials, and direct exposure to the oral cavity.  As a result healthcare workers are exposed to the herpes virus, influenza, hepatitis, and HIV.  Students are taught correct standard precautions and use of personal protective equipment as mandated by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration.


 All students entering the dental hygiene program are required to have the following prior to entering the fall semester:

    1. Current CPR Certification. (Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider Certification from American Heart Association) must include training with the AED.
    2. Rubeola and Rubella Immunity Verification
    3. Hepatitis B Immunity Verification
    4. Varicella Immunity Verification
    5. Tuberculosis Screening
    6. Physical Examination
Forms are provided to the student at orientation and must be submitted to the administrative assistant in August.
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