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 Below is a list of SLO Liaisons/Coordinators. Please contact the ISLO Coordinator or Office of Institutional Effectiveness to make changes to listings below.


 Title  Liaison
ACCT Accounting Maria E. Martinez
Associate Degree Nursing
Zaydie Feria
AFRO African American Studies
Barry Horlor
AJ Administration of Justice

Gary Guthrie
Jim Davis

ANTH Anthropology Erin Browder
Maria Jelaca-Tavakoli
ARCH Architecture  

John Lewis - Ceramics
Nicholas Mueller - Visual Arts

John Pickelle - Photography
David Quattrociocchi - Graphic Design
Marisol Rendon Ober -
Micajah Truit - Phototgraphy
Mark Van Stone - Art History
Perry Vasquez -

ASIA Asian American Studies
Barry Horlor
ASL American Sign Language

Esther Alonso
Nora Portillo

ASTR Astronomy Grant Miller
Jeff Veal
AT Automotive Technology

BIOL Biology Lucas Buehler
Margie Stinson
BUS Business
CA Culinary Arts

CAD Computer Aided Design
CD Child Development
Michelle Garcia
CE Cooperative Work Experience
Scott Finn
CHEM Chemistry David Brown
David Hecht
CHIN Chinese Esther Alonso
Nora Portillo
CI Construction Inspection
CIS Computer Information Systems
Julie Grimes
CL Computer Literacy
Julie Grimes
CNA Certified Nursing Assistant
Jaime O'Connor-Florez
COMM Communication

Rachel Hastings
Eric Maag
Jordan Mills
Candice Taffolla-Schrieber
Rebecca Wolniewicz

DANC Dance Mary Jo Horvath
Dana Maue
DH Dental Hygiene
Linda Lukacs
ECON Economics Peggy Crane
Alexis Davidson
ED Education Dagmar Fields
EHMT Environmental Hazardous Materials Technology
ELEC Electronics Julie Grimes
William Snell
EMT Emergency Medical Technology
Ron Ungar
EMTP Emergency Medical Technology Paramedic
Devin Price
ENGL English Dagmar Fields
Jetta Posey
ENGR Engineering Lauren Zinola


Exercise Science
Jefi Harper
 ESL English as a Second Language
Surian Figueroa
Angie Stuart
 EVNT Event and Convention Planning
 FREN French Esther Alonso
Nora Portillo
 FS Fire Science
Kevin Roof
 GEOG Geography Ken Yanow
 GEOL Geology Ken Yanow
 HIST History Barry Horlor
 HLTH Health Walt Justice
 HTM Hospitality and Tourism Management
 HUM Humanities Peter Bolland
 INS Insurance  
 ITAL Italian

Esther Alonso
Nora Portillo

 JOUR Journalism Max Branscomb
 JPN Japanese
Esther Alonso
Nora Portillo
 LA Landscape Architecture
 LDR Leadership Elisabeth Shapiro
 LEGL Legal
 LIB Library Laura Galvan-Estrada
 LNT Landscape and Nursery Technology
 LS Learning Skills
 MAS Mexican American Studies
Barry Horlor
 MATH Mathematics
 MEDOP Medical Office Professional
Luis Osuna
 MLT Medical Laboratory Technology
 MUS Music Cynthia McGreggor
 NC Non-Credit Courses
Steve Tadlock
 ORN Operating Room Nurse
Zaydie Feria
Cathy McJannet
 PD Personal Development
Scott Finn
Patti Flores-Charter
 PHIL Philosophy Peter Bolland
 PHS Physical Science
Tinh Kuong
 PHYS Physics
Wilfred Hok Kong Lee
 PIL Pilipino
Esther Alonso
Nora Portillo
 PORT Portuguese Esther Alonso
Nora Portillo
 PS Political Science
Alma Aguilar
Phil Saenz
 PSYC Psychology Chris Hayashi
 RA&T Recording Arts and Technology
Jay Henry
 RDG Reading Sylvia Garcia-Navarrette
 RE Real Estate
Gail Stockin
 REC Recreation and Leisure Studies

 SES Sustainable Energy Studies
 SOC Sociology Norris Nagao
 SPAN Spanish Esther Alonso
Nora Portillo
 ST Surgical Technology
Vernell Dunkley
 T&T Travel and Tourism
Kathy McClelland
 TELE Telemedia Mark Sisson
 TA Theater Arts
Mark Pentilescu
Ruff Yeager
 VN Vocational Nursing
Rose Cruz
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