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If ever convicted of any of the penal codes listed, in any state or country, CNA/HHA applicants will be automatically denied certification or ICF/DD, DDH, or DDN applicants will be denied employment. All CNA/HHA applicants should review this list carefully to avoid wasting their time, effort and money by training, testing and submission of fingerprints since they cannot receive the required criminal background clearance if they have been convicted of any of these violations. Certification of applicants with convictions on this list MAY be reconsidered by ATCS only if misdemeanor actions have been dismissed by a court of law or a Certificate of Rehabilitation has been obtained for felony convictions. Any other convictions, other than minor traffic violations, must also be reviewed by ATCS.

Examples per the California penal code

187 Murder
192(a) Manslaughter, Voluntary
203 Mayhem
205 Aggravated Mayhem
206 Torture
207 Kidnapping
209 Kidnapping for ransom, reward, or extortion or robbery
210 Extortion by posing as kidnapper
210.5 False imprisonment
211 Robbery (includes degrees in 212.5(a) and (b))
220 Assault with intent to commit mayhem, rape, sodomy, oral copulation
222 Administering stupefying drugs to assist in commission of a felony
243.4 Sexual battery (includes degrees (a) – (d)
245 Assault with deadly weapon, all inclusive
261 Rape (Includes degrees (a) – (c))
262 Rape of spouse (Includes degrees (a) – (e))
264.1 Rape or penetration of genital or anal openings by foreign object
265 Abduction for marriage or defilement
266 Inveiglement or enticement of unmarried female under 18
266a Taking person without will or by misrepresentation for prostitution
266b Taking person by force
266c Sexual act by fear
266d Receiving money to place person in cohabitation
266e Placing a person for prostitution against will
266f Selling a person
266g Prostitution of wife by force
266h Pimping
266i Pandering
266j Placing child under 16 for lewd act
266k Felony enhancement for pimping/pandering
267 Abduction; person under 18 for purposes of prostitution
273a Willful harm or injury to a child (Includes degrees (a – (c))
273d Corporal punishment/injury to a child (Includes degrees (a) - (c))
273.5 Willful infliction of corporal injury (Includes (a) – (h))
285 Incest
286(c) Sodomy with person under 14 years against will
286(d) Voluntarily acting in concert with or aiding and abetting in act of sodomy against will
286(f) Sodomy with unconscious victim
286(g) Sodomy with victim with mental disorder or developmental or physical disability
288 Lewd or lascivious acts with child under age of 14
288a(c) Oral copulation with person under 14 years of age against will
288a(d) Voluntarily acting in concert with or aiding and abetting
288a(f) Oral copulation with unconscious victim
288a(g) Oral Copulation with victim with mental disorder or developmental or physical disability
288.5 Continuous sexual abuse of a child (Includes degree (a))
289 Penetration of genital or anal openings by foreign objects (Includes degrees (a) – (j))
289.5 Rape and sodomy (Includes degrees (a) and (b))
368 Elder or dependent adult abuse, theft or embezzlement of property (Includes degrees (b) – (f))
451 Arson (Includes degrees (a) – (e))
459 Burglary (Includes degrees in 460 (a) and (b)
470 Forgery (Includes (a) – (e))
475 Possession or receipt of forged bills, notes, trading stamps, lottery tickets or shares (Includes degrees (a) – (c))
484 Theft
484b Intent to commit theft by fraud
484d-j Theft of access card, forgery of access card, unlawful use of access card
487 Grant theft (Includes degrees (a) – (d)
488 Petty theft
496 Receiving stolen property (Includes (a) – (c))
503 Embezzlement (Includes 504,504a, 504b, 505,506,506b, 507 and 508)
518 Extortion
666 Repeat convictions for petty theft, grand theft, burglary, carjacking, robbery and receipt of stolen property
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