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Q. What is a scholarship?

A.            A scholarship is a cash award that is provided by private and public agencies and/or individual donors to help students fund their education.

Q. How can I find a scholarship?

A.            There are several websites, books (check your local library), agencies, companies, institutions, etc. who list available scholarships. It is important to create a profile to assist you in pinpointing various scholarships. Please check out one of our scholarship seminars for details.

Q. Do I have to have a high grade point average to qualify for scholarships?

A.            Not always. Not all scholarships are based on academic merit. Some scholarships are based on financial need, major, ethnicity, gender, age and/or level of community involvement, etc. There are even scholarships designated for individuals with certain disabilities, illnesses, or challenges. In addition there are scholarships for veterans or in some cases, dependents of veterans.

Q. Do I have to be receiving financial aid to be eligible for a scholarship?

A.    No! Some scholarships require students to demonstrate financial need, but many do not. Please check avaialble scholarships carefully to ensure you apply for all for which you may be eligible.

Q. Do scholarships have to be paid back?

A.            No. When you receive a scholarship you don't have to pay it back.

Q. What can I use my scholarship for?

A.            Each scholarship is different. It depends on the criteria that the agencies or individuals offering the scholarship have set. If you have any questions about a particular scholarship you should contact the distributing agency or organization.

Q. Should I apply for a scholarship if it is only worth a few hundred dollars or less?

A.            Absolutely! Apply for as many scholarships as possible. It could add up to a significant amount of funding for your education.

Q. Is searching for a scholarship difficult?

A.            It can be a bit time consuming, but very much worth the effort.

Q. Does every scholarship require that I write an essay?

A.            Not all scholarships require an essay, but you might have to answer questions. Don't let an essay intimidate you; however. For additional help you can use the ASC Writing Center and other resources

Q. Are some scholarship sites scams?
A.            Yes. You should avoid any scholarship sites that require money for their services.

Last updated: 8/21/2016 5:48:29 PM