Southwestern College

Learn about Majors (Academic Programs of Study: Degrees and Certificates)

What marketable skills will I learn while completing my degree?

Review the Student Learning Outcomes taught in your courses (CSLOs)

Review the Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) for each Major

How much will my education cost and how much money could I earn with my chosen degree or certificate?

Gainful Employment matched by major for Career Technical Education degrees and certificates offered at Southwestern College

Salary Surfer - a website maintained by the California Community College Chancellor's Office that lists actual wages earned by California Community College graduates by profession/major

Careers for Your Future - descriptions of more than 40 degrees and certificates that lead to rewarding careers

Choose a Major (Academic Program of Study)  

If you have selected your major, please contact the Counseling Center to create your academic plan.

If you have not selected a major, please contact the Career Center and sign up for a career assessment workshop.


Complete a Student Educational Plan (SEP) for Your Selected Major

Make an appointment to meet with an Academic Counselor to discuss academic programs, choose a major, set educational goals, and complete a Student Educational Plan (SEP).  

Completing an SEP provide you with a list of required coursework for your major.  It keep you on track which will save you time and money.


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