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What is a Student Learning Outcome (SLO)?
SLO is a statement of what a student learns as a result of participating in courses, programs, and/or other campus services.  In other words, SLOs describe what a student can actually do, represent, or produce after receiving instruction.

Why are students assessed by SLOs?
The primary reason for assessing SLOs is to improve instruction and student support services.  We assess SLOs to discover how well students are learning the material that they are being taught.  We use SLO assessment results to adjust our teaching practices to our students'  needs and to support services in an institutional effort to better support student learning and academic success. 

Will I be graded on SLOs in class?
In most cases, SLOs are assessed as part of your regular assignments.  SLOs and SLO assessments should be listed on your course syllabi.  Please ask your instructors how and when they will grade SLOs.

Where can I find SLOs for my courses?
All course SLOs should be included on all course syllabi.  You can also look up course SLOs in CurricUNET.  Simply use this CurricUNET link, click on the term courses, and enter the course designator and number.  No login information is necessary.

Can I see SLO results?
Yes. SLOs are categorized by where and how they are assessed.  You can find SLOs and results in the following places:

Course-Level SLOs (CSLOs) are assessed in courses.  You should find CSLOs on course syllabi and in CurricUNET.  CSLO scores are reported by instructors in your courses.

Program-Level SLOs (PSLOs) are assessed across courses within a Major (Academic Program of Study).  PSLO statements for Majors and PSLO results can be found on our PSLO page.

Last updated: 9/25/2015 11:26:14 AM