Southwestern College

All courses within all of our programs are computed  by Class Hour (50min clock); not Clock Hour (60min clock).  Example of a 50min clock schedule:

DH 118 01            04:00pm-8:50pm              TTh
MEDOP 236 03     03:00pm-6:50pm              MW

A ‘Clock Hour’ is a 60 minute time frame, which may begin at anytime at 60 min blocks; (e.g. 8-9am, 9:10-10:10am, etc.)

For purposes of attendance accounting , the class hour, or 50min clock, is used when scheduling courses and when determining total contact hours.  Each course needs to meet the required range of total contact hours (50min clock) in order to be offered. 

Upon completion of the program, we report to their accrediting agencies on what is compile throughout the semester: face-to-face and positive attendance hours. This also under the 50min clock; not 60min blocks or clock hour.

Last updated: 4/28/2014 4:56:47 PM