Southwestern College


When accessing the research databases and other e-resources from off campus, you will be prompted for your MySWC User ID and birthdate by the SWC off campus access system.

As a student your MySWC User ID is the first initial of your first and last names, 0 (zero) and your six digit student ID number (ignore leading zero if your ID is already seven digits).

Example: aa0123456 or aa1023339

Enter your birthdate in this format, month, day and year (mmddyy)

Example: December 1, 1984 would enter: 120184

Don't know your MySWC User ID? Visit to retrieve your Student User ID 

  • Select the Students tab 
  • User Account and "What's my User ID?"
Once you enter your User ID and birthdate, you'll be able to use the databases, e-journals, e-books, and online videos just as if you were on campus.

Faculty and Staff User ID
  • Your ID will be your network login username. If you cannot login using your network username as your login, try your WebAdvisor ID. 
  • Your password is your date of birth (mmddyy)

Visit this website to retrieve your WebAdvisor ID  

  • Select the Faculty or Staff tab 
  • User Account and "What's my User ID?"

Help Needed with Off Campus Access

Additional help can be found on this website


Fill out an Off Campus Access Problem Report A staff member will contact you to help resolve the problem within 24 hours (except weekends and holidays).Remote access to databases and electronic books is available to currently enrolled students, and currently employed faculty, and staff of Southwestern College.

Community Users

Although the Southwestern College Libraries would like to offer open access to all information resources, license agreements with the publishers of our online databases, e-journals, and e-books require that only current SWC students, faculty, and staff be given access to these resources from off campus locations.

Non-enrolled library patrons can access our research databases and e-resources from computer stations located inside the library building.

Last updated: 1/2/2018 4:29:29 PM