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Computer workstations in the Library

Computer workstations are provided for student use within the library. The Library Catalog and Internet access is accessible from all computer workstations in the library building.

Applications such as word processing, spreadsheets and other educational software applications are also available on computer workstations located in the Interdisciplinary and Multi-Media Tutoring Labs.

Printing is available from all computers. There is a ten cent a page charge for black and white printing and fifty cents a page for color. Students can use their student ID cards to pay for their printing. Library patrons can purchase a one dollar rechargeable print card on the third floor in the Interdisciplinary Tutoring Center.

Because the number of computer work stations is limited library users are requested to restrict their use of computers to study-related activities.

Access to the computers in the Interdisciplinary Tutoring Center is restricted to students currently enrolled at Southwestern College. Members of the public may access the Internet, and use email on library computers located in the reference area on the second floor of the library.

For additional information regarding computer use at Southwestern College and in the library see our Library Policies page.

Wireless Internet Access at Southwestern College Library

The library has a wireless network available on all floors of the library.

How does wireless Internet work?
Wireless Internet allows devices (computers, mobile phones, PDAs , etc.) to send and receive data via the Internet with no physical connection (such as a phone cord or an ethernet cable) between the device and the network. Radio frequency signals exchange information between the device and the base station, or access point, which then relays the data via the wired infrastructure to/from the Internet.

What equipment do I need?
Southwestern College's network conforms to Wi-Fi ® standards. You need a portable computing device with an 802.11 (a, b, or g) compliant wireless interface.

Most consumer computing and wireless interface devices will be compatible, but we offer no guarantee. If you have any questions about the compatibility of your equipment, please consult the product guide, the equipment manufacturer, or the place of purchase.

How do I connect to the library's wireless network?

The college's public access network in the library building is called SWCLib; no username or password is required. If your equipment is properly configured, SWCLib will appear in your device's list of available networks; you may need to select the wireless public access's network to connect.

Network signal strength depends on your proximity to an access point. Moving closer to an access point may improve your reception.

Is the library's wireless network secure?
The college's public access wireless network is not secure.The college's wireless network does not offer firewall protection, anti-virus protection, or data encryption.

The library assumes no responsibility for the safety of your equipment or data while using the computer network (wired or wireless) in the library. We recommend that you not transmit sensitive information (credit card data, passwords, etc.) using the college's wireless network, and that you have firewall and anti-virus software installed on your equipment.

Will library staff help me configure my computer for wireless access?
We are unable to provide technical support for customer equipment. If you are having trouble accessing the college's wireless network from your laptop, please consult the product guide for your equipment, the equipment manufacturer, or the place of purchase.


Can I access printers and software on the library's wireless network?
No. The library's wireless network provides Internet access only. Software programs are only available on computer workstations located in the Interdisciplinary Tutoring Center in the library.

Printing is available from all library computer workstations in the building. There is a ten cent a page charge for black and white printing at all printer stations. There is also a color printer located on the third floor which costs fifty cents a page.


Need additional help? Visit the library's Frequently Asked Questions or contact us with your online inquiries at our: Ask a Librarian webpage.
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