Southwestern College

General Information

  • Because they must be reviewed for accuracy and completeness, all documents for verification (Verification forms, tax transcripts, W2s, SNAP verification, etc.) must be submitted simultaneously. If any documents are missing, your packet will be returned to you to bring back when it is complete.
  • Your file will be considered complete once you return all requested documentation.  After your documents are reviewed for accuracy and pending no additional required verification forms, you will receive an email regarding the financial aid results.
  • Always maintain a current email address on WebAdvisor in order to receive critical financial aid updates and notices.

Academic Major/Program

  • Applicants for financial aid must be enrolled in an approved academic program which leads to either an Associate’s Degree, Certificate of Achievement, or is transferable toward a Baccalaureate Degree. Students who declare “Undecided”, “Self Improvement “, “Job Advancement” or any Certificate of Proficiency as a major are not eligible for financial aid. Majors can be verified and/or updated by logging into your WebAdvisor account. IMPORTANT: Students with invalid majors cannot be processed for financial aid.

Birth Certificate

  • If your birth certificate is requested and you have a foreign birth certificate, please present original documentation of your U.S. citizenship (such as your U.S. Passport, Certificate of Citizenship or Certificate of Naturalization), COPIES CANNOT BE ACCEPTED. The Financial Aid Office will make copies for our records.


  • The Financial Aid office cannot make copies of your documents EXCEPT in the case of documentation that are required to be submitted to us in the original format (such as federal or state identification). If you wish to have copies of any of the information submitted to us, please create those prior to coming to the office.

Eligible non-citizen ID

  • If your eligible non-citizen ID is required, please present your current, ORIGINAL INS documentation. COPIES CANNOT BE ACCEPTED. The Financial Aid Office will make copies for our records.

High School Diplomas

  • To meet this requirement, students may submit a copy of their high school diploma or transcript.

Intent to Enroll

  • Since students can request their FAFSA information be sent to a number of schools and because you can only receive financial aid from one educational institution at a time, we need to confirm whether or not you plan to attend Southwestern College for the 2015-16 academic year. This is an online form ONLY and cannot be submitted it person. This must be received in order to begin processing your financial aid eligibility.

Tax Transcripts

  • If a tax transcript is requested, it is important to understand that this is NOT a copy of your tax return, but a tax transcript available only from the Internal Revenue Service. Please click here to request this document either online or by mail. Copies of tax returns CANNOT be accepted.


  • Students must submit copies of W-2 Forms if you and/or your parents filed a joint tax return and a tax transcript is requested or you and/or your parents did not file a tax return and had earned income for 2013.

Ward of the Court/Emancipated Minor/Legal Guardianship/Homeless

  • If you answered yes  to any of these questions on your FAFSA application, you will be required to provide verification to document that status.
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