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Welcome to the Career Center. This center is for all students to learn more about careers. As you explore, research and use our career resources we hope that you will use this information to make the right decisions that will have a positive impact on the course of your future. Our experienced staff is available to help you find and make use of the resources you need.

How to use the Career Center:

Discover your major and set your career goals


A critical part of your career or job satisfaction depends upon your knowledge of yourself, and the skills you possess, your values and interests.

In the short video addressing where you want to be in 5 years - the California Career Café website describes the journey of exploring Possibilities by “Opening the door to various career possibilities and CareerCafeFULLby imagining the future you want for yourself. Doing some self-inquiry and reflection will help you get in touch with who you are and what you want in your life and in your work. This is the first step in finding a career that is right for you.” You can view this presentation here by clicking on the word Possibilities



To get started on exploring your options and learning the most about your interests, values, and personality as they relate to your academic and career choices, take the next step and start reviewing the Steps to Career SuccessSteps 1Steps 2 will assist you with the Assessment and Career Exploration process.

Develop your academic plan and set a timeline for reaching your goals

CompassOnce you have a defined academic and career goal, it is time to discuss your plans with a counselor. The Career Center and Counseling Center provide counselors to assist you with this process. To reach your educational goals it is important to work with a counselor so that they can help you plan your classes and schedule to meet your desired deadline. They are here for you to assist with developing a Student Educational plan (SEP) and show you the right general education classes to fit your needs. Be sure to schedule a counseling appointment to develop your personalized SEP as soon as you know your major and career goal. 

To learn more about the general education requirements for every possibly academic plan, be sure to review the materials and read over the descriptions provided in Step 3.

Getting ready for the ever-changing world of work

Developing the strongest and most confident image will set you head and shoulders above the rest of the competition when seeking employment. The Career Center offers a variety of workshops to assist in this preparation that include resume writing, interview training, and job searching and networking strategies. Every step of the way, the Career Center Counselors are there to critique and review your progress as well as provide support and encouragement.

If you have reached this part and are ready to start looking for employment, proceed to Step 4 and schedule some time to attend one of our monthly workshops and start using the exceptional resources we have to get you the career of your choice.

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