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What is Bayan?

Bayan is a Tagalog word that means “home”. This learning community provides a home for all students that want to learning about the Filipino-American experience through literature and history.   A learning community is a link of two or more classes that assist you with your college and transfer success. This is a ONE YEAR Commitment! The two linked classes for fall semester are English 114 paired with Personal Development 116. Followed up with English 115 paired with Personal Development 100 during the spring semester.

Bayan Welcomes Everyone

Bayan is open to all students and is designed to assist students to learn college and life skills. This will prepare our scholars for transfer success!

Benefits to Students

 Make lifelong friends

 Learn in a supportive

 Are recognized
as leaders and scholars

 Visit college campuses

 Succeed academically

 Gain appreciation for one’s cultural identity

 Explore issues minority students face in college

 Explore and learn more about the Filipino-American experience

 Priority Counseling

 Participate in culturally-enriching activities

 Make university contacts

 Learn strategies for success in college and in life

 Priority Registration

 Caring Scholars and Professors

 Create a successful transfer plan

 Become part of the college community

Bayan history

Bayan was founded in 2006 by Professors, Maria Abuan, M.S. and Henry Aronson, M.S., at Southwestern Community College. They collaborated to create the first Fil- Am Student focused learning community in Southern California. These two inspirational leaders wanted to acknowledge the issues that Filipino-American students faced in higher education. They wanted to challenge college students to learn about Fil-Am issues through a cultural context presented via Fil-Am history and cultural literature written by Fil-Am authors. Scholars in this program are encouraged to create a supportive and intellectual learning environment. As well, these scholars create study groups, work on Barkada (Team) projects, and cultivate lifelong friendships.

Bayan Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase the number of Filipino/Filipino-American students transferring to four-year colleges and universities! We thrive to assist Bayan Scholars to gain a better understanding of their identity in order to foster a stronger sense of navigating through higher education in the pursuit of college transfer achievement and lifelong success! 

Fequently Asked Questions

1. Can I take one of the two classes only?  (No. You must be enrolled in both courses)

2. Are these classes transferrable?  (Yes. All coursework are UC and CSU transfer credits.)

3. Are there any prerequisites?  (Yes. English 115 requires English 114 and reading proficiency or a passing grade in Reading 158.)

Bayan Events

1. Beginning of the Semester Retreat
2. Fil-Am Movie Series 
    a. Amigo: Film based on the Fil-Am War 
    b. The Debut – Coming of Age movie about the rejection of the Filipino culture and family 
    c. Documented – Documentary by Juan Antonio Vargas 
    d. Silent Sacrifices 
    e. Miss Representation 
    f. The Mask You Live In
3. College Visits: SDSU, UCSD and USD
4. Community Events 
    a. Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS SD) 
    b. San Diego Asian Film Festival
5. Special Guest Speaker Series 
    a. Evelina Galang – author of “Her Wild American Self” 
    b. Ella De Castro Baron – Author of “Itchy Brown Girl” 
    c. Dr. Dina Maramba – Author of The “Other Students”

Interested? Complete the Eligibility Application or come to the SWC Counseling Center and ask to meet with our Bayan Counselor. The Counseling Center is located on the second floor of the Student Services Center, or call (619) 421-6700 x 5240

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