Southwestern College

Starting in Spring 2016, veterans benefits will be processed using two separate tracks.  By separating out the "easy" records to process first, we can more rapidly process veteran benefits overall and reward those veteran students who are carefully using their Education Plans.  The two tracks are:

EXPRESS LANE: records containing a recent (less than two years old) Student Education Plan (SEP) and whose declaration only contains courses listed in that SEP.  These records will have priority.

MANUAL PROCESSING:these are records that will take further research and time to process.  Such records include those without a SEP, those with declared classes that don't appear on the SEP in the record, records missing required documents, or those with multiple modifications.

If a record is in the manual processing track due to a missing SEP, students can provide a SEP and have their record shifted over into the Express Lane - IF all the declared classes are on the submitted SEP. 

While both tracks will be worked on, since Express Lane processing is generally four times faster than Manual Processing, we anticipate the Express Lane records will move much faster.

Last updated: 11/14/2015 9:58:18 AM