Southwestern College

Starting with Spring 2016, SWC shifted the Spring term dates.  Now, instead of starting in January, Spring will start in early February.  In order to help veteran students continue their education and not incur the loss of BAH for a month-and-a-half over the winter, SWC has created a special four-week-long intersession term in January.

Because this is a "non-standard" term in VA parlance, the number of units that it takes to reach full-time status are modified in a somewhat complex manner.  Only the DVA can determine equivalency and rate of pursuit: schools are expressly forbidden to make any claims about course loads.

Based on conversations with the DVA and the Certifying Handbook, the following table represents a reasonable estimate of what course load must be taken to qualify as half- or full-time in order to get benefits.

January Term Equalivancies

The Spring term will continue as normal with a first and second Fast Track period standing in early February.

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