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Suggestions for Success with Your SEP and Your Degree

Welcome to Southwestern College! My name is Erik Moberly and I am the primary academic adviser for our military students.  This is my blog focused on our military students (veterans, active duty members, and dependents) their credits, transfer, and academic success.

Posted 4/15/16

Hello Students!!! I hope everyone had a great spring break and is excited to finish the semester strong!!!  I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of important dates that are approaching.

APRIL 2016

 April 29th 2016 is the last day to withdraw from full-semester courses and receive a “W” grade for full-semester (16-week sections)

MAY 2016

  May 2nd is priority registration for summer session.  Upon registering for courses on May 2nd you must fill out the online declaration form for each term if you are using your military benefits.  This online from will be available a couple of days before the priority registration date.  If you do not fill out the declaration form within 5 days of registration you will be dropped from you classes!!!!! 

The 55th annual Commencement ceremony is May 27th, 2016 at 4pm on campus at DeVore stadium

JUNE 2016
Summer sessions begins June 6th, June 12th is the last day to add a class for summer term. 

Posted 1/20/16

  • STUDENT EDUCATION PLAN: You are allowed 2 different majors on your SEP but they must be related. You may change majors and get as many degrees and certificates as you wish. If you are accessing your benefits the only classes you get paid for are the ones indicated on your SEP. If you take classes that are not on your SEP, Veteran Services cannot certify them for payment (you can take them and pay for them yourself if you want). If you substitute a class to fulfill a certain area in your SEP and your SEP indicates a different class, you must go to a counselor, have them UPDATE the SEP with the correct class, and give a copy to Veteran Services to speed your processing.
  • TRANSCRIPTS: You need to get all of your official transcripts on file at Southwestern college. Once we receive them you must request to have them evaluated. YOU CANNOT GET A SEP IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS ON FILE AT SOUTHWESTERN. (This excludes JST/SMART transcripts which have few, if any, transferrable credits).
  • FULL TIME STATUS. For Chapters 33, 31, and 35, 12 units= full-time "rate of pursuit" for the semester, six units is considered full-time pursuit for summer session classes and three-to-four units would be considered full-time pursuit during the January intersession. If you fall below half-time status you will have to pay back all money given to you by the VA. Only the DVA can make the final determination on your rate of pursuit.
  • SERVICES: We have one full-time Veterans counselor, three full-time licensed therapists (two are specialized in PTSD), a health center, a veterans resource center, a disability center, a career center, a transfer center, a student employment center, and tutoring. All free!
More to come!


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