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What is ALC?

The Exponential Learning Academy is a yearlong Athletic Learning Community that focuses on university transfer and the student-athlete experience. The learning community is a link of two or more classes that assist you with your college and transfer success. This is a ONE-YEAR Commitment! The two linked classes for fall semester are English114 paired with Personal Development (PD 114). Followed up with English 115 paired with Personal Development (PD 100) during the spring semester.

ALC is a student success program aimed at enhancing academic success among student- athletes and other students enrolled at Southwestern Community College. ALC classes provide a combination of courses for student- athletes to start seeking a unique learning experience. This program pairs student-athletes with a mentor and helps to develop a sense of community amongst student athletes, faculty, staff, and administrators.

  • Provide pathways to successfully transition from non-transfer courses to transfer courses through an integrative approach.
  • Help successfully complete college English requirements within two years while completing additional general education requirements.
  • Teaching Personal Development (PD) classes in a learning community.
  • Provide in class advising/workshops in learning community classroom.
  • Counseling appointments to develop an educational plan and an educational goals quantitative report
  • Field trips to universities
  • Collaborate with classmates during class discussions and assignments (group work).
  • Attend and participate in EVERY (LC) class.

The Athletic Counselors at Southwestern College is responsible for monitoring the academic progress of each student-athlete. They work closely with student-athletes as they explore their career goals. Student-athletes are also monitored for their eligibility status for transfer towards NCAA/NAIA institutes.

ALC^2 Welcomes all student-athletes: The student-athlete Learning Community is open to all student-athletes at Southwestern College and is designed to assist student-athletes to learn college and life skills. This will prepare our scholars for transfer success!

Benefits to Students

ALC Mission Statement
Our mission is to increase the number of Student-Athletes transferring to four-year colleges and universities! We thrive to assist Student-Athletes Scholars to gain a better understanding of their identity in order to foster a stronger sense of navigating through higher education in the pursuit of college transfer achievement and lifelong success!

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I take one of the two classes only? (No) You must be enrolled in both courses.

Are these classes transferrable? (Yes) The courses are UC and CSU transfer credits.

Are there any prerequisites? (Yes) for English 115: College Composition Reading And Writing Analytically has the prerequisites of English 114: Introduction to College Composition

ALC Events

Beginning of the Semester Retreat
College Visits: San Diego State University (SDSU) & University of California San Diego (UCSD) and University of San Diego (USD)
Southwestern College (SWC) Community Events
Special Guest Speaker Series

Interested? Please make contact with your Head Coach and Athletic Counselor or come to the SWC Counseling Center and ask to meet with our Athletic Counselor. The Counseling Center is located on the second floor of the Student Services Center, or call (619) 421-6700 x 5240

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