Southwestern College

LEVEL ONE Academic and/or Progress Probation

Level one probation indicates the following:

1. Academic Probation – A student shall be placed on academic probation if the semester or cumulative grade point average is less than a “C” or 2.0 Grade Point Average.


2. Progress Probation – A student shall be placed on progress probation if he or she has enrolled in a total of at least 12 semester units and the percentage of all units in which the student has enrolled, for which entries of “W”, “I”, “NC”, “NP”, and “F” were recorded reaches or exceeds 40 percent.

You may enroll and attend classes for the upcoming term. Attending the Academic Success Seminar will help you to understand your academic status and identify strategies for returning to satisfactory academic standing.

Follow the steps below:

Make an appointment to attend the Academic Success Seminar. Visit the Counseling Center located on the second floor of the Cesar E Chavez Student Services Center, or call (619) 421-6700 ext 5240/5241.
Be on time to the seminar! If you are late to the seminar, you will need to reschedule your appointment.

Please note that if you are currently dismissed you must attend the Petition to Appeal Dismissal workshops when available. Please see the dismissal page for more information.


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