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What is SSO?

SSO is short for Single Sign-On. It is an authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials. So basically, what that means is, with your MySWC identity management account, you are able to login to numerous secure apps and websites with the same username and password! For example, MySWC is now being used with Canvas, and CCC Apply Administration, with Colleague WebUI coming soon. What's really great about SSO is the ability to sign in once and launch multiple applications with just one click.

For technical information about SSO, visit the Wikipedia SSO page.

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Below are some common questions and answers pertaining to SSO (Single Sign-On):

  • Q What does SSO stand for?
  • A SSO stands for Single Sign-On. Your MySWC Login account is what makes SSO possible here at SWC.
  • Q What are the benefits of SSO?
  • A For one, you only need to remember one pair of login credentials (your MySWC username and password). You can also "login" to multiple secure SWC sites and websites with simple clicks and without re-entering your username and password. Security is also an added benefit of SSO - you will always see the standard MySWC Login screen (with the pretty jacaranda trees) when you are required to enter your username and password on participating sites. Not seeing this screen when you expect to see it can help you determine if you have landed on a phishing/hacking site.
  • Q Which secure SWC sites are currently participating in MySWC SSO?
  • A To determine which secure SWC sites are currently participating in MySWC SSO, first login to the MySWC Portal and click/tap on the "Campus Apps" button at the top of the page - a list of clickable buttons will slide down. On most buttons, you will notice a small green indicator on the bottom, left corner of the image - that indicator means SSO is active for that secure SWC site. You just simply need to click/tap once to launch the app to start using it, with no additional login required!
    MySWC Portal Campus Apps Buttons
  • Q So if I login once to the MySWC Portal and click on the SWC Student Email link, I won't have to login again?
  • A That is correct! It all comes down to trust. Because you already logged in to the MySWC Portal with your MySWC Account, the SWC Student Email app trusts the username information that was used to log you in (because SWC Student Email also uses MySWC for logins).
  • Q What about Canvas? I won't have to login again either?
  • A That is correct! Canvas trusts that MySWC successfully verified who you are.
  • Q Can I launch multiple applications in different browser tabs from the MySWC Portal?
  • A Absolutely! You can have your email open on one tab, Canvas open on another, and your Google Drive open on another - all without having to login again!
  • Q When I click on a Campus App with SSO, I get a "username not found" error. Why?
  • A There could be a few reasons why you're not able to login to some Campus Apps: (1) if your access to the Campus App was recently approved and/or you are new to SWC, your account could still be in the process of being created (it could take up to 2 days in some cases); (2) your MySWC username does not match the username you were assigned in that particular Campus App (usernames must match for successful SSO); or (3) you are actually not authorized to use the Campus App that you clicked on (you may not have access to all Campus Apps that appear). In most cases, there isn't a problem with your MySWC Account, but instead, a mismatch or lack of information between the systems. If you feel that you should have access, please contact the owner of the connecting system for assistance:

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