Southwestern College

MySWC and Blackboard
Login to Blackboard via MySWC


Blackboard System Alert

Some students and faculty are currently experiencing challenges while logging in to Blackboard. Please read below.

Students & Faculty

  • If the login screen looks like the picture below, use your MySWC username and password to login to Blackboard. This login screen is what you should ALWAYS see! Click here to login to Blackboard with MySWC.
    MySWC & Blackboard Login 1
  • If the login screen looks like the pictures below, use your old Blackboard username and password - not your MySWC account. Please note, these login screens are ONLY temporary and will eventually look like the picture above. Click here to login with your old Blackboard account. IMPORTANT - Faculty, your Blackboard username has been changed to match your MySWC username - if, for example, "an1234567" does not work, use "aname" instead.
    MySWC & Blackboard Login 2 MySWC & Blackboard Login 3

If you are still experiencing challenges, please contact the Online Learning Center for assistance.

Last updated: 1/31/2017 11:24:01 PM