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ServiceNow Overview

ServiceNow is a robust online system that has been launched to give you the ability to request SWC services yourself, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This new system replaces the old, severely outdated HEAT system and is currently only available to faculty and staff. Not only does it allow you to request services on your time, it allows us the ability to fulfill your requests more efficiently!

At present, Institutional Technology (IT), Facilities, and Instructional Support Services (ISS) are all utilizing ServiceNow to complete work-orders, with more departments coming online in the future. Common requests include a computer needing fixed, a lightbulb needing changed, or the modification of course information to name a few (there are options for pretty much everything). Submitting a request is easy - keep reading for more infromation!

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ServiceNow FAQs

Below are some common questions and answers pertaining to ServiceNow:

  • Q What is ServiceNow?
  • A ServiceNow is an online system used to submit and track service requests.
  • Q Can students use ServiceNow?
  • A No. ServiceNow is currently only available to faculty and staff.
  • Q Does ServiceNow replace another system?
  • A Yes! Effective immediately, ServiceNow replaces HEAT.
  • Q Why is logging in required to submit a request?
  • A Requiring you to login with your MySWC username and password allows us to not only complete your requests more efficiently (because we will already know who you are and where you are located), but also to eliminate requests from unauthorized persons outside our organization.
  • Q Can I get to ServiceNow from the MySWC Portal?
  • A Yes! A direct link to ServiceNow is available by selecting the "Campus Apps" button on the top of your MySWC Portal page.
  • Q Which departments use ServiceNow?
  • A Currently, the Institutional Technology (IT), Facilities, and Instructional Support Services (ISS) departments are using ServiceNow.
  • Q If my computer is broken, can someone else submit a request on my behalf?
  • A Yes! While submitting the request, the other person should select your name in the "Requested For" field on the request form, as well as indicate your Campus and Room in the appropriate boxes.
  • Q Can I see the current status of my IT and Facilities requests?
  • A Yes! The homepage of ServiceNow (where you submitted your requests) will list all of your IT and Facilities requests in their respective boxes. Also, there is a "Requests" drop-down box located on the top header ribbon section of the homepage. Selecting individual requests will display relevant information, like its status and who it is assigned to.
Last updated: 3/9/2017 7:42:54 AM