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Crime Alert

August 17, 2018  

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The Southwestern College Police Department is investigating a robbery that occurred at 10:44 pm on Sunday, August 20, 2017.

A Barry’s security guard contacted three skateboarders on campus and during that interaction one of the subjects forcibly took the security guard’s cellular phone from his hand. The three subjects then fled from the campus and the stolen phone was not recovered.

The suspects in this case are described as:

1) Black male in his 20’s wearing dark clothing and gray shoes
2) Hispanic male in his 20’s with short hair and a mustache
3) Unknown male

Information developed suggest the three suspects may routinely skateboard on campus grounds after hours. Video footage captured the three suspects fleeing through the campus. The quality of the images is poor but one photograph shows one of the suspects wearing distinctive clothing.

The methodology of this crime is similar to others committed on this campus and others. Victims are asked by the suspect if he (suspect) can use the victim’s cellular phone to make a call. After the victim hands over the phone and the suspect has possession, the suspect flees with the phone.

Faculty, staff members, and students are encouraged to be wary of any such requests and avoid handing over any property to persons not known to them.

Anyone with information that could assist in identifying or apprehending suspect(s) in this case are encouraged to call the Police Department at 619-216-6783. 




Crime Bulletin 082317 




Crime Alert

May 17, 2017



Southwestern College is currently investigating incidents of identity theft that may have victimized employees. Details are developing but it appears social security numbers have been taken and misused with the IRS and personal information utilized to open fraudulent accounts and credit lines.


All employees are encouraged to protect their personal information from outside entities and beware of false officials representing financial institutions, prospective employers or governmental agencies such as the IRS or FBI. These phishing scams seek obtain personal information via phone call or email for financial gain.


Information on one scheme that targets the education sector can be found at:  


The bottom of that page contains a link to a Public Service Announcement (PSA) that originated on May 5, 2014 and is still relevant today.


Basic resources that the FBI maintains include both current crime schemes and preventions tips:


The Southwestern College Police and the College IT Department are investigating these incidents. 







Crime Alert  

April 25, 2017


Recent crime analysis shows the predominant crime problem for Southwestern College is theft. 

Thefts are generally opportunistic crimes where valuables are unattended or located in situations where a thief can abscond with them without detection. 

Thefts on campus over the last three months have varied in size of loss and location. Three incidents involved high-dollar losses occurred where a college owned golf cart was stolen in one case and two others where tools and equipment were taken from construction sites. These high-dollar loss incidents occurred during off-hours.  


The Southwestern College Police recommends extra diligence be undertaken in securing valuables and other property during the late night and early morning hours, on Sundays, holidays, and other times when the college is closed. 

The Southwestern College Police are investigating these crimes. Anyone with information that could assist in identifying or apprehending suspect(s) are encouraged to call the Police Department at 619-216-6783.

Crime Bulletin 032517


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