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Bayan is a Tagalog word that means “home”. This learning community provides a home for all students that want to learning about the Filipino-American experience through literature and history. A learning community is a link of two or more classes that assist you with your college and transfer success.Bayan is open to all students and is designed to assist students to learn college and life skills. This will prepare our scholars for transfer success.

Bayan Student Organization

Provide students who participated in the Bayan Learning Community an opportunity to develop leadership skills, conduct activities and events that support Filipino American students in the college community and the transfer process.


Arlie Ricasa






Laulima Hula Lui

To raise awareness of Polynesian culture and dances through research and performances.


Mimi Rasky

Vincete Taijeron



Literally translated as “all in one.” To establish a cultural identity and raise cultural awareness; to be of service to the Filipino and Asian-Pacific Islander community; develop leadership through campus participation.


Christopher Vito

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