Southwestern College


Training Schedule Production-An Overview
This PowerPoint presentation is an overview of the responsibilities and process of schedule production with the School/Center Deans, Department Chairs, and/or administrative staff.  You will also understand what is needed to complete a course section addition, modification, and/or deletion in the scheduling proto.

Proto Elements Presentation
This PowerPoint presentation is an overview of each element (column) of the Scheduling Proto.

Attendance Accounting Calculator (Developer: Marcelo Arman, Instructional Lab Technician)
Easy-to-use attendance calculator providing start/end times using basic course section meeting information. This Excel document can be downloaded and saved to your desktop for easy reference. Technical Assistance: Please contact ISS staff listed under 'Contacts.'

Job Aide for using the Attendance Accounting Calculator
Step-by-step on how to navigate the Attendance Accounting Calculator using regular, Non-Credit, TBA, Positive Attendance, and Distance Learning scenarios.  Instructional video to follow–coming soon.


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