Southwestern College

BlackBoard LogoSouthwestern College offers a wide variety of online and hybrid classes, many of which are transferable to 4-year colleges and Associate degree requirements. Check with your counselor for information.

Accessing Online Courses:

  • Go to  on the start date of your class
  • Type in your username: first and last name initial plus your seven digit student number. EX: br0364875
  • Type in your password (NOT THE SAME AS WEB ADVISOR): first name initial (capitalized) and last name with the first letter of your last name capitalized. EX: Bob Roth password is: Broth (this information is also available on the login page)
  • After you have logged in you will see your class name on your Welcome Page. Click on the course name and you will be taken to your class area
  • If your instructor is using another website other than Blackboard then he/she will provide you with details
  • Faculty may have information available prior to the first day within Blackboard but are not required to
  • Some classes have mandatory meetings on campus and these dates/times will be listed in the course syllabus
  • Some classes will use additional websites that require an access code. See your instructor for details
  • Tips for a Successful Online Course: if you are new to online courses or would like to learn recommended strategies and successful habits, please take advantage of online tutorials and other information at your support site: Student Support :

High school students: if you are currently in high school and interested in online courses, please check with our school counselors. 619.421.6700

Online courses schedule.SWC Course Login Button

Call for HELP:
Online Learning Center Support Hotline:
(866) 471-4246

Call: 619.482.6595 or e-mail:

Orientations of the course management system by attending on-campus workshops:

The orientations are not mandatory; but highly recommended if you have never taken an online course before. Stop by one of the following sessions…no registration required but please be on time!

Online student learning orientations (including printed version)

On campus 1-hour student orientations for the online learning system:
Location: Room L244 on the Southwestern College Campus (Across from the library entrance)
Other locations: Higher Education Centers at National City, Otay Mesa and San Ysidro


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