Degree Description: 
Designed to provide skills and training to students in landscape architecture. The field requires two distinct areas of knowledge, one based on a solid background in the horticultural sciences and the other based on design theory backed by an ability to express designs graphically in a professional manner. The program will train students for entry-level employment in local landscape architecture firms, allow students to start their own landscape design/construction businesses, or allow transfer to a four-year institution with the eventual goal of becoming a licensed landscape architect.

Degree Course Requirements: 
Course # Course Title Units

First Semester

 LA 104 Landscape Graphics and Planting Design    3
 LNT 102  Plant Identification: Deciduous Trees  1
 LNT 103 Plant Identification: Conifers and Palms  1
 LNT 104 Plant Identification: Broadleaf Trees  1
 LNT 125 Landscape Construction: Concrete and Masonry Skills  1
 LNT 126 Landscape Construction: Fence, Deck, and Lumber Skills  1
 LNT 127 Landscape Construction: Sprinkler Installation  1

Second Semester

 ARCH 115 Architectural Graphics 3
 LNT 106 Plant Identification: Flowering Shrubs 1
  Plant Identification: Foliage Shrubs I 1
  Plant Identification: Foliage Shrubs II 1
LNT 119 Plant Identification: Xeriphytic Plants 3
LNT 128 Sprinkler Design 3

Third Semester

LNT 100 Plant and Horticultural Science 4
LNT 120 Landscape Design I 4
LNT 131 Landscape Contracting and Estimating 3

Fourth Semester

LA 200 Introduction to Computer-Aided Landscape Design 3
LNT 122 Landscape Design II 4
LNT 134 Soils 3
A Certificate is granted upon completion of the courses listed above. Students must complete additional required General Education courses to earn their Degree. See your Southwestern College counselor to help you plan your desired program. Note:  classes are listed above in the preferred semester sequence but students make take the classes in any order with the exception of Landscape Design I and Landscape Design II.
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