Degree Description

Designed to train students in the skills needed in the floral design industry. Students who successfully complete the degree are eligible for positions such as assistant floral designer, floral designer, floral shop manager, and floral shop owner. Positions may be found at floral shops, wholesale floral suppliers, retail nurseries, hotels and resorts, and as a private floral consultant. Students who have completed this degree have proven they can produce not only the normal bank of floral products but also new, creative, and innovative designs for all activities.

Degree Course Requirements:

 Course #  Course Title  Units
LNT 95 Portfolios, Presentations, and Consultations 1
LNT 100 Plant and Horticultural Science 4
LNT 110 Plant Identification: Annuals and Perennials 1 1
LNT 118  Plant Identification for Floral Design  1
LNT 136  Plant Pest and Disease Control 
LNT 138  Floral Design 1 
LNT 140  Floral Design 2 
LNT 141  Floral Design 3 (1 unit)  
  OR  1-2 
LNT 147  Wedding Design and Event Planning (2 units)   
LNT 144 House Plant Care and Production 1.5
LNT 146  Plant Propagation  1.5 
LNT 148  Horticultural Business Practices   
  OR   3
ACCT 7  Basic Business Bookkeeping   
BUS 148 Developing or Starting a New Business (3 units)
OR 3
BUS 144 Advertising and Promotional Strategy (1 unit) and
BUS 145 Financial Management for Small Business (1 unit) and
Bus 147 Leadership and Motivation in Small Business (1 unit)
ART 121 Darkroom and Digital Photography 1 3
COMM 174 Interpersonal Communication 3
PD 290-293 Occupational Cooperative Education I-IV 8
A Certificate is granted upon completion of the courses listed above. Students must complete additional required General Education courses to earn their Degree. See your Southwestern College counselor to help you plan your desired program.


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