The School of Counseling & Student Support Programs offers a comprehensive program designed to ensure student success.

Academic advisement and individual counseling appointments are available to all enrolled students as well as a full range of courses in personal growth and development. Counselors are prepared to talk with students about their academic performance, choice of career, personal goals, and transfer opportunities.

The counseling faculty will assist each student in developing a Student Educational Plan (SEP) outlining all coursework necessary to achieving their goals.

Students should visit the Counseling Center to begin the Intake Process for Student Services. Once the Intake form is completed, a counselor will prescribe a plan of action to begin your college education.

Personal Counseling
We understand that attending college can be stressful in your life. Students are responsible for classes, homework, part-time employment, and various personal obligations.

The School Psychologist, located in the Counseling Center, is available to assist with personal problems and issues that may impede academic success. 

Should you ever feel overly stressed or need to discuss a serious personal issue, feel free to come by to schedule an individual appointment with confidential Marriage FamilyTherapist Interns.

Contact Veronica Flores at 619-421-6700, ext 5279 or stop by the Counseling Center located on the second floor of the Student Services Center

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